With the KView™ Suite, Seismos directly measures the subsurface fracture system stage by stage. Analyzing the data provides measures of near wellbore and far-field complexity, conductivity, and fracture length.

Seismos methodology computes an effective fracture half-length per stage. On the well below, certain stages demonstrate different behaviors across the lateral. In this well, a single treatment design across the lateral leads to less than optimal frac performance.

Strong correlations between KView™ suite analysis and sonic log properties demonstrate that geo-mechanical properties across the lateral are driving the development of near wellbore fracture complexity.Vp_Vs_1_Transp

Additional details on the case study are presented at URTeC 2018 and in July 2018 issue of the E&P Magazine.

Article about how Seismos product fits into digital oilfield as part of a special issue on Digital Innovations.

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