Seismos Announces K-View™ CO2 EOR Surveillance Platform: New advancements in active oilfield technology increase production from CO2 EOR floods

posted on April 29, 2016 by Seismos in Press Releases

Seismos Inc., a pioneer provider of subsurface fluid-flow imaging technology for the Oil and Gas industry, today announced K-View™ CO2, a new flood surveillance platform for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operations.

K-View™ CO2 focuses on increasing CO2 EOR production by providing continuous, real-time information about the subsurface movement of CO2 and areas of unswept oil. The solution is a cloud-based geophysical data processing platform connected to surface-installed low-impact emitters and sensors that generates images of CO2 movement over time.

“With a rapid return on investment through immediately actionable information, K-View™ CO2 provides visualization of flood fronts that help operators maximize pattern effectiveness and produce more oil,” said Seismos founder and CEO, Panos Adamopoulos.

Without Seismos’ platform, oil producers have no practical or cost effective method of tracking underground CO2 flow during EOR operations. Up to half of CO2 is underutilized in the reservoir due to lack of understanding of the flood front movement, which leads to the huge opportunity cost of unrecovered oil. Seismos addresses this problem by combining proprietary processing and visualization technology with cutting-edge seismic science to offer a user-friendly and economical flood surveillance solution.

Seismos received an overwhelmingly positive response to K-View™ CO2 at the December CO2 Conference in Midland, Texas. The conference brought together industry experts from more than 130 companies focused on topics of carbon capture & storage (CCS) and CO2 flood surveillance. “The reception was outstanding,” Adamopoulos continues, “operators are clearly enthusiastic about the prospect of a continuous, cost effective solution for CO2 flood surveillance that eliminates the need for slow and expensive time lapse surveys.”

Seismos has installed K-View™ CO2 in fields in Texas and New Mexico and is expanding rapidly. In the current tight oil price environment, operators need innovations that offer quick returns through operational expense reduction and increased production during EOR operations.

Headquartered in Austin with offices in Houston, Seismos drives sustainable production uplift through flexible, cloud-based software solutions that solve the timeliness problems associated with conventional methods of subsurface imaging at a fraction of their cost. The company has received several awards and industry recognition for its proprietary technology that empowers real-time data driven actions.

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