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Seismos is a data analytics company for oil & gas production optimization enabling real-time, underground fluid flow monitoring, inside the reservoir, during production.

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The Seismos K-View™ CO2 platform monitors every combination of well pairs in the field to provide operators with interactive maps: flood fronts in the pattern, and movement of fluids.

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Our platform consists of field-installed low-impact emitters and seismic sensors connected to a cloud-based data processing platform that generates maps of CO2 movement.

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Seismos software generates data in real-time, producing actionable feedback that helps operators maximize pattern effectiveness and produce more oil – faster and with better economics.

Headquartered in Austin, TX, Seismos is a technology provider for the oil & gas industry offering real-time, subsurface fluid-flow imaging. Our mission is to enable operators to achieve sustainable production uplifts through cost-effective, scalable, software platforms and cloud based field instrumentation that power real-time data driven actions. Learn More About Seismos »

Seismos News


April 29, 2016

Fizz Tracker: K-Waves Take Lead In Carbon Dioxide EOR Surveillance

For EOR operations, tracking the underground flow of the gas used in a flood can be a perplexing, onerous and time-consuming task. A less-invasive, continuous and real-time tracking... Details »


April 8, 2015

Seismos Secures $4m Funding for Flow Monitoring

Seismos Inc., a provider of real-time subsurface fluid flow monitoring for oil and gas production optimization, has secured funding of approximately $4 million to power... Details »