Your fractures are talking. Are you listening?

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The Seismos KView Frac™ platform monitors and analyzes continuous and active data during hydraulic fracturing treatments to provide operators with various parameters related to treatment and stage performance.

How It Works

Seismos platform includes non-invasive smart instrumentation mounted on the frac tree and connected to a cloud-based data processing platform. The system poses no disruption to fracturing operations.

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Seismos generates actionable results in real-time that help operators optimize frac design, frac treatment, and well performance.

URTeC 2018

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Headquartered in Austin, TX, Seismos is a technology provider for the oil & gas industry offering real-time, frac treatment and frac performance evaluation. Our mission is to enable operators to achieve sustainable production increases and optimal production through cost-effective, scalable, software platforms and cloud based field instrumentation that power real-time data driven actions. Learn more about Seismos »